which he need Documents required in UAE professional employment visa?

which he need Documents required in UAE professional employment visa?

which he need Documents required in UAE professional employment visa?

Hello UAE Expats, we are back with an important Guide regarding “UAE Employment & Profession
Categories with the minimum Required salary and Certificates.
If you are getting new job in United Arab Emirates, your wages should not less than below mentioned
figures. Please note that you will require Attested Education Certificates from Issuing Authority,
UAE Embassy in Home country and also from Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in UAE.

Level 1 skills:(Category 1 Professions)
All UAE Employees with University Degree and above are in Category 1 List, the minimum salary for

Level 1 Employees shall not lass than 12000 AED.

Level 1 Professions List:
1. Management Staff
2. HR Officer
3. Finance Manger
4. Sales Manager
5. Engineer
6. Doctors
7. Surgeons
8. Physicians
9. Clinicians
10. Pharmacist
11. Lawyers
12. Administration Officer
13. Reservation Officer
14. Public Relation Officer
15. Accountants
16. Teachers
17. Professors
18. Draughtsman
19. Advertising Designer
20. Graphics Designer
21. Marketing Specialist
22. Quantity Surveyor
23. Executive Secretary
24. Accounts Clerk
25. Computer Operator

Level 2 skills (Category 2 Professions)
If the employee is having a Diploma, his/her salary with the new company shall not be less than 7000
AED. This category includes Technical and Mechanical related professions.

Level 2 Profession List:
1. Technicians
2. Mechanics
3. Software Developers
4. Web Developers
5. Telecom Technicians
6. Architectural Technicians
7. Auto Mechanics

Level 3 skills: (Category 3 Professions)
Expats around the globe who having High School orHigher Secondary School Certificate are in category
3 and the minimum required salary for level 3 employees is 5000 AED.
Note: There is No High School Certificate attestation required for some countries.

Level 3 Profession List:
1. Sales Staff
2. Sales Executive
3. Sales Supervisor
4. Sales Representative
5. Site Supervisor
6. Customer Service Representative
7. Call center agents
8. Administration Clerk
9. Customs Clearing Clerk
10. Customs Clearing Agent
11. Customs Representative
12. Cash Desk Clerk
13. Clerk Assistant
14. Archive Clerk
15. Ticketing Clerk
16. Cashier
17. Receptionist
18. Switch Board Operator
19. Store Keeper
20. Tourist Guide
21. Documents Controller
22. Documentation In charge

Level 4 & 5 skills: (Category 4 & 5 Professions)
If above 3 skills have not been met by the employee,there is no fix salary for category 4 and 5
Employees, they may not lift ban and shall wait until the completion of the ban period and then may
work with a new sponsor.

Level 4 & 5 Profession List:
1. Drivers
2. Maid
3. Nanny
4. Cleaner
5. Laborer
6. Blue-collor worker
7. Office Boy
8. Office Girl
9. Beauty Saloon
10. Barber (Hairdresser)
11. Messenger
12. Loading & Unloading workers
13. Ordinary Labourer
14. Painters
15. Steel Fixer
16. Plumber
17. Construction worker
18. Other General Labours
19. Embroidery
20. Tailor

Note: Above specified salary can be in total. It is notrequired to put as basic salary. New

profession must be compatible with educational certificates.

Also note that the above conditions are not applicable for government / Semi-government / Free zone,

Investor/Partner, Family and House servant visa holders.

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